Time Off

Requesting Time Off

All scheduling and vacation requests are submitted through When I Work and must be submitted at least a week in advance. You are responsible for finding coverage for last minute requests. All requests are approved on a first come, first serve basis – if too many crew members request the same day off, the day may be blacked out for any further requests.

See the links below to learn how to use the program:

Switching Shifts

See the link below to learn how to request a shift switch with a coworker through When I Work. Note all requests must be approved by a supervisor.

Note: If you request a shift switch or schedule change, please remember to then put in a time off request for the time you cannot work so you are not affected by any future schedule changes.Β 

Permanent or Extended Schedule Requests (Sports/Other Jobs/Etc)

We will work with you as best possible to accommodate other schedules. All crew members must have weekend availability between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

Please send copies of all sports schedules to Anthony and he will set your availability preferences in When I Work.


Calling Out:

If you need to call out due to illness or an emergency, please contact your crew chief for that day or leave a message with your pavilion office. See contacts for important phone numbers.Β