2016 Onboarding

New Crew

Disregard the previous onboarding instructions as the online system is giving us some problems this year. Instead, please print and complete the forms belowΒ and schedule a time with me to review and make sure they are completed?

I will be at the South End office this Saturday, May 14 from 11:00am-12:00pm or Tuesday, May 17 at 6pm.

Please let me know which date you can come in to hand in this paperwork.

You should bring:

  • All of the attached documents, printed and completed
  • Copies or the original identification needed to complete the Federal I9 form
  • Finished working papers (if they are not yet completed, please bring them on your first day of work)

Sorry for any inconveniences. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Download Onboarding Paperwork Here

Returning Crew

Please make sure you have access to your Paylocity account from LAST YEARΒ and that all tax info, bank account, address, etc is up to date! Review this

To access your account visit https://login.paylocity.com. Our Company ID isΒ 11783

Onboarding Status


Thank you for your patience with the onboarding system this year as we worked to get the system running properly. As of today, it would appear that everyone has completed the necessary onboarding items.

I may have contacted a few of you about an issue with the system recording social security numbers, if you were one of them, make sure you contact Robin from the Borough immediately to ensure the problem is corrected (732-449-0800, extension 620).