Post Season Checklist


Shifts run 10a-2p unless otherwise posted. If you finish your tasks before the end of your shift, text Anthony and see if you can leave early.

  • Check pavilion garbages.
  • Ensure upper deck remains locked. Politely tell people the upper deck is closed if it has been unlocked.
  • Wipe down all picnic tables.
  • Broom and scoop around the entire pavilion.
  • Walk around locker aisles looking for trash.
  • Look for and pick up trash in front of the pavilion on the beach.
  • Sweep important areas (i.e. pool entrance, showers, main stairs/ramp to sand, locker aisles leading to bathrooms at South End).
  • Check with the office staff to see if there are any outstanding maintenance tasks that need to be completed.

No umbrella setup or flag. No garbage runs necessary – cans will be removed from boardwalk area. 


Normal shift times (Early, Late and Full) will continue on weekends for now. Please, setup picnic table umbrellas and the American flag. Badge checkers will not be in.

  • The main focus is on the pavilion and picnic areas.
  • Sweep pavilion entrances and showers
  • Empty all garbage cans.
  • Broom and scoop continually.
  • Wipe down and clean picnic tables throughout the day.
  • Don’t forget to check the upper deck!
  • Sweep at least 2 locker aisles each daily (South End)
  • Walk around locker aisles looking for trash
  • Start putting pixie locks on unlocked lockers.
  • Beach/Dune Sweeps when appropriate.

No garbage runs, cans will be removed from the boardwalk area.