Beach Crew with Nothing to Do?

Looking for something to do? Here are a few tasks that can be completed multiple times per day:


  • Wipe down picnic tables. You can wait for guests to leave and wipe off tables before new groups sit down. Picnic tables are located under the pavilion, on the upper deck, and on the sides of the pavilion
  • Sweep the staircases to the upper deck well. They always get covered in sand.
  • Broom and Scoop around the entire pavilion and upper deck- especially eating areas.
  • Sweep locker aisles – Touch base with a Crew Supervisor who can tell you which aisles need it most.
  • Broom and Scoop locker walkways – trash is left all the time, especially near the bathroom areas.
  • Clean the Pool Decks – best done in the morning when there aren’t as many people, trash and sand is left all the time, especially under benches and sitting areas. Make sure the pool deck is always clean.
  • Wash down windows and doors – These get gross all the time because of the salt air. Windex and wash down all windows and window sills, doors to the office etc. North End has additional windows on the upper deck.
  • Clean the elevator – mop the floor, get smudges off stainless steel.
  • Clean the water fountains – stainless steel can be polished and wiped down with cleaner.
  • Clean off garbage can/recycling can lids


  • Sweep stairs leading to the beach.
  • Sweep blue handicap accessible walkways – clear all sand.
  • Sweep/shovel walkways from street to boardwalk – sand always piles up, you may need a shovel to clear certain walkways depending on the dunes next to them.
  • Broom and scoop under all boardwalk benches – trash is always left behind
  • Clean off garbage can/recycling can lids.
  • Beach Sweeps: Pick up garbage that collects under/along the boardwalk.
  • Dune Sweeps: Walk the dunes, pick up garbage/trash.
  • Street Sweeps: Walk the grassy areas between the street and dunes. Pick up garbage. For your safety, please do not walk in the parking spaces/street.