Post Season Availability


Thank you again for all of your hard work this season. As we get closer towards the end of our regular beach season, I just need to know a little more about your availability for the rest of the year.

Please complete our post-season availability form as soon as possible


A few notes about the end of our season:

  • Our Last Full Day is Monday, September 2nd
    Unless you are leaving for school or college, or had previously worked something out with us upon hire, you are expected to work a full-time schedule until Monday, September 2nd when the beach closes for the year. Not finishing the season can affect your hiring status for next year.
  • South End will be closing September 2nd for major renovations
    The South End Pavilion will be fenced off for major construction on the 3rd. North End Pool/Lockers will remain open until the end of September and post season hours are available for ALL employees at the North End.
  • Post-Season hours are available for ALL crew members
    Although the South End will be closing earlier than usual, hours will still be available for all crew members at the North End pavilion for crew members who would like to continue working through September. Any South End crew member who would like post-season hours would be added to the North End schedule on when I work after Sept. 2.

If you have any questions for me, email, text, or call me anytime!