Post-Season Availability

Please update your WHEN I WORK availability preferences for post-season (After 9/5).

See WHEN I WORK instructions below or visit

To set preferences, go to your name at the top right corner and select My Availability.

Note: If you do not see “My Availability” from the menu, your Manager may have disabled the feature. In that case, you will want to get in touch with a Manager to make any changes.

Advanced Mode

Advanced Mode allows you to create as many preferences as you would like and allows you access to more options.

For example, maybe you’re only available every other week. Or maybe you’d like to input your specific availability for each week or each month. All of these scenarios can be achieved by using this feature.

From your My Availability page, click the Advanced Mode button. This can be found at the top right of this page.

A menu will drop down with the following options: Title, Description, Effective Dates, and Rotation.

  • Title: You can input a title for a specific availability preference. After you create your first preference using Advanced Mode, you will have access to a specific page that allows you to view each preference you have created by title. By default, “Default Availability” populates in this field.

  • Description: You can input a description here with extra notes if you’d like.

  • Effective Dates: This will allow you to choose a range with a start and end date when your preferences are in effect. If your preference does not have an end date, you can input “Ongoing”.

  • Rotation: If the times you input rotate weekly in any way, you can choose from the following options: Every Week, Every Other Week, Every 3 Weeks, and Every 4 Weeks.

You will need to create your preferences one at a time. Input the first preference you’d like to create as detailed in the earlier section “Creating Your Preferences”. Once you have finished, click Save.

After saving, you will be brought to a page titled Availability Preferences that will list the preference just created.