Storage / Beach Box Locations

Thank you all for a great Memorial Day Weekend, I know the start of the season can always be hectic but you all did a great job!

Please see below for a chart of where the new storage locations are for badge checker equipment storage. This is still a work in progress, please be patient with us.

Morning Setup (Early & Full Shift)

Please make the morning garbage run one of the first items you do when you come in (8:15ish). A Crew Chief will send people north and south of the pavilion to change all trash cans, bring full recycling cans to the top of the boardwalk, pick up garbage around each beach entrance, and set up badge checker equipment. Each badge checker will have an umbrella, chair, and plastic storage cart.

Closing Breakdown (Late & Full Shift) – Weekdays only

During your final garbage run of the day, please begin the process of breaking down any remaining Gate Attendant equipment. Some gate attendants may have put their own items away but please make sure that no equipment is left out.

You can store/find the Gate Attendant equipment in the following locations:

Storage Beach Box Locations