ONBOARDING – PAYLOCITY STEPS (Online payroll program for our tax forms, direct deposit, I-9)

  1. You will soon receive an email that will include your initial Paylocity login credentials (COMPANY ID, USER NAME, PASSWORD). The email will say ONBOARDING –  look for this because it is a different link than Paylocity that you have used in the past.
  2. You may get an additional email that has the exact link you need to visit in order to start the onboarding process. DO NOT GO TO PAYLOCITY.COM. If you did not receive that email use the following link to begin the process:
  3. Open that link.
  4. The screen will have a list of options down the left side of 8 different areas.  You will click the GET STARTED  tab.
  5. Then open each other tab on the left – Home contact info, direct deposit (know bank routing and account info), eligibility verification (this is where you need passport – must be a valid passport or birth cert and license or Social Security Card, school ID uploaded to your computer or flash drive) you can also take a snapshot from your phone and email it to yourself, emergency contact info, tax deduction info for State and Federal tax forms, you can upload a resume if you want or other info on the self service profile, and the handbook sign off page.
  6. It is very important to complete each step before the system will let you continue. The key is to have your documents available to upload. Some of the steps may be out of order, you can jump around to complete the process. 

It took me about 15 minutes to complete the process.  The key is to have the documents ready.