Pre-Season Meeting

At our annual pre-season meeting we will be discussing changes to the crew for the 2015 season, policies, procedures and collecting and completing the necessary employment paperwork. Please plan for the meeting to take roughly 1 hour.

Important Pre-Season Info

Scheduling Request & Uniform Order Form

All employees, please complete this form before our meeting. This form also confirms your meeting attendance and employment acceptance for the year. It can be found online here:Ā

Federal I-9 Identification Form

All employees must complete this form this year.

Please complete section 1 of the form found hereĀĀ before coming to the meeting. Bring the form with you and we will complete section 2 during the meeting. You will also need to bring a combination of identification as listed on the last page of the form (Either a valid U.S. Passport or a combination of (1) ID from List B and (1) from List C)

Working Papers

New employees under the age of 18 must submit a copy of their working papers. These can be obtained from your school office and may require a doctors visit so plan accordingly. These need to be turned in before you start work on May 23rd. Anyone under the age of 18 who previously worked for the crew does not need to resubmit working papers (If you changed departments, aka moved from Badge Checking to Crew, you will need to submit again because your position changed).

State & Federal Tax/Direct Deposit Forms

The Borough is currently working out a way to complete these papers online. Please stay tuned for further instruction. You will need a checking or savings account to complete the direct deposit.